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Pricing & Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

Screen printing vs digital printing?

Do you offer graphic design services?

For wholesale, pricing is based on garment type/brand, process type (screen print or digital print), and is tier based on a per dozen scale of how many you are ordering. We do offer some discounts (i.e. military). Contact us for more info. 


*See below for retail pricing.

Think of it like print acts like a photo-printer and the ink sits directly in the fabric.....where as screen print inks sit on top of the fabric. Digital is not limited to the number of colors in the design.

We are one of the few companies in New Jersey / the east coast who specialize in both digital & screen printing. 

Yes!  We can also recreate or vectorize an existing logo you have.  We offer web design and product fulfillment as well. Contact us for details.

*See below for retail art charges

Do you print team uniforms?

Can I customize just one t-shirt?

How small / big do the tees go?

We specialize in sportswear & activewear, and can handle orders of all sizes and varieties. We can even sublimate and custom design the garment itself (check out Crest Memorial's Basketball uniforms!)

Yes! Or sweatshirt or pants etc.  We specialize in one-off printing - meaning custom t-shirts with no minimums. If your logo or design is already created, you could be in and out the door in less than 5 minutes with your custom clothes.

We offer garments from Newborn to adult 10XL, and every size in between. Colors are limited to brand availability.

Can I bring in my own item to be printed?

What is your turnaround time?

What are your holiday hours?

Yes, for one-offs or for bulk. Due to product variances, contact us for details on pricing.

It depends on the size and complexity of your order. Depending on circumstances same day turnaround is available.

We are closed during Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve & Day.  All other holidays please call the store.



Retail &

One-Off Printing

Custom Tees - $20

Custom Longsleeve - $25

Custom Sweatshirts - $29

Custom Fashion Tees - $25

Custom Fashion LS Tees - $29

Custom Fashion Sweatshirts - $39

Pricing excludes any and all art charges that may apply.

Art Charges

Art charges are $45 per hour for custom designs.


A minimal $25 art charge is applied if no art is supplied by buyer and crosses over to the $45 threshold after a half-hour of art labor is reached.


Art charges are always rounded up  (i.e. 2.5 hrs of art is $135)

*All art charges exclude simple and solely text based designs that don't require our artist to include elaborate text effects.


What Qualifies As A Custom Design?

We consider any design that is not supplied by the buyer nor from our design catalog book to be a custom design. 

For example, if you request a photograph you brought in to be printed on a shirt with some text added, there is no charge for art. 

However if you request photo editing to such photograph, or you request a graphic that requires our artist to use a graphics program to alter and/or create, then art charges apply. 

Retail vs. Wholesale

Wholesale pricing starts at 12 garments per order. 

You may mix and match different garments types and colors to reach the 12 mark, so long as they are reasonably similar (i.e. 6 tees, 6 longsleeve tees). However, various garments vary in cost, so your price per garment type will be adjusted based on manufacturer's pricing of that garment. Tank tops and longsleeve tees for example cost more than short sleeve tees.

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